Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Econ 101: Arkansas In Good Shape Nationally

According to at least one economist, Arkansas is positioned nationally to be at the forefront of recession recovery.

Chief Economist for the Institute for Economic Advancement Michael Pakko said Wednesday that Arkansas personal income, housing prices, taxable sales and employment have been stronger than in the nation as a whole. And the state has not seen the foreclosures that has plagued areas in the rest of the country.Pakko says that the state is on track to regain the 50,000 jobs it lost by the middle of 2012. But, he says that the peak in unemployment in Arkansas is likely still ahead and should top out at 8 percent. That’s still 2 percentage points lower than the projection for the national unemployment rate.

B-b-b-but…David Meeks told me that we needed to cut capital-gains taxes, reform our tax code generally, fight the healthcare reform bill, and scream “TENTH AMENDMENT” repeatedly if we wanted to have any chance at recovery.  How can this be?

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