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On Hogs and Hawgs, both Blue and Bloggish

Jeff has a new weekly political roundup at Blog Hawgs. You want a taste? Oh, I'll feed you, baby bird. Columnist John Brummett...

AR-Sen: A Little More About That Photo

It's not that I particularly care that John Boozman used logos, names, and images associated with the University of Arkansas football program. I...

AR-Sen: Close Only Counts In Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Halitosis, and (Apparently) Hogs

So, yesterday, while tracking the issue of U of A's problems with John Boozman's commercial, I wrote: My question, though, is whether Boozman actually addressed...

AR-Sen: Oops.

I’ve made no secret of being less-than-impressed by Blanche Lincoln’s commercials, but I do have to give her a modicum of credit today. After...