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Want to Create a “Good Jobs Magnet”? Implement Liberal Policies.

If Charlie Collins wants to build a "Good Jobs Magnet" in this state, he would do well to push for the kinds of things you find in -- wait for it -- more liberal cities.

Charlie & The Bullshit Factory

Rep. Charlie Collins keeps claiming that he's turned Arkansas into a "Good Jobs Magnet." He's wrong, as even his supposed "proof" demonstrates.

Swindlers’ Taxonomy: Mark Martin is Twice the Homesteader You Are

Could the Arkansas Secretary of State really have taken double homestead tax credits for the last 6+ years? Yup. Mark Martin loves him some "free" money.

The Same, But Different. And, By “Different,” I Mean “Worse.”

When I wrote the last post about Lt. Gov. Mark Darr and his questionableRead: illegal mileage reimbursements, I focused only on mileage in 2012...

“The United States has a system of taxation by confession.” –Hugo Black

In this post, I wrote that there were three explanations for the apparent discrepancies between what Alice Stewart told me about state-car logs and...

Dude, Where’s My (State-Owned) Car?

The rumor, according to a current employee of the Secretary of State's Office (who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous), was that the...