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Sen. Strangelogic, or: How Jason Rapert Learned to Stop Thinking and Love his Ignorance

Jason Rapert's response to the recent backlash suggests that he doesn't understand a few very important things.


The picture to the left is a screenshot from Pat Lynch's Facebook page on May 17. In response to Pat's Democrat-Gazette column from May...

Justin Harris (R-Disingenuous)

I love the word "logomachy," primarily because it sounds cool when you say it, but, also, because it amuses me to think that there's...

We’re Gettin’ The Band Back Together!

And, by "band," I mean "Arkansas Election Line." Content partner and King Of All Media Roby Brock had me and Jason Tolbert on Talk Business...

Merry Christmas from Blue Hog Report

We'd just like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who reads Blue Hog Report. May your fruitcakes be fresh,...

AR-Sec. State: Umm…yeah.

Facebook apparently doesn't take certain things into account when deciding who to suggest to you.  For example, they don't seem to figure in whether...