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Jason Rapert Wants to Say “White Power”

Sen. Jason Rapert doesn't understand why he can't say "white power" if Black people can say "black power." Poor little racist baby.

Jason Rapert – Same Song, Second Verse (A Little Bit Louder, A Little Bit...

Stop me if you've heard this one: Jason Rapert is fired up and going to propose an unconstitutional law.

Jason Rapert: STILL Not A Constitutional Scholar (Again)

Jason Rapert seems to think he's going to get someone banished from Conway. That ain't happening.

Spooky Talk Show Invites Matt, Hilarity Ensues


In which our hero goes on a talk show and manages to only embarrass his mother slightly.

Bearing False Witness: Stanley Prevaricates All the Way to the Bank


Isn't there a commandment about lying?

The Whore of Babblin’ On: Jason Rapert & Big Pharma Sittin’ in a Tree


Why is Jason Rapert fighting medical marijuana so hard? Money, of course.