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The Same, But Different. And, By “Different,” I Mean “Worse.”

When I wrote the last post about Lt. Gov. Mark Darr and his questionableRead: illegal mileage reimbursements, I focused only on mileage in 2012...

Mark Darr is Down With OPP (Other People’s Pennies)

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that Lt. Gov./AR04 candidate Mark Darr's explanation for his seemingly profligate spending of campaign funds on personal...

Justin Harris (R-Disingenuous)

I love the word "logomachy," primarily because it sounds cool when you say it, but, also, because it amuses me to think that there's...


Yesterday, someone who I thought understood the reimbursement issue fairly well said to me, in attempting to sum up the entire series of posts,...

An Open Reply To Dan Greenberg

Late last week, I received an email from former state representative Dan Greenberg, in which he politely took issue with some of the statements...

Now My Advice For Those Who Die: Declare The Pennies On Your Eyes

The reaction to my reporting on Reimbursementgate --- which, yes, has now been given a proper name, ending in "-gate," in keeping with the...