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Dan Whitfield, “Progressive” Racist for U.S. Senate

One thing Tom Cotton and Dan Whitfield have in common: A history of racist comments about President Obama.

Jason Rapert Wants to Say “White Power”

Sen. Jason Rapert doesn't understand why he can't say "white power" if Black people can say "black power." Poor little racist baby.

Kent Tester Is Not Who He Claims To Be (Unless He’s Claiming to be...

Kent Tester wants your vote for District Court Judge. A closer look at him shows why he doesn't deserve it.

Look Away, Dixie Land

When you talk about the "heritage" of the Confederate flag, make sure you include 1948 to present.

Leslie Rutledge Is A Victim (Of Her Own Lack Of Judgment)

Over the past couple of weeks, Republican candidate for Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has shown an alarming lack of judgment in how to...

Sen. Joyce Elliott’s Brilliant Response to Leslie Rutledge’s Racist Email

Sen. Elliott explains exactly what the issue is with Leslie Rutledge's sharing of a racist email.