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Speaking of Preferential Treatment: Cross County Woman who Held Black Teens at Gunpoint lives...

Yesterday, the Arkansas Times carried a story about four black teens in Wynne (Cross County) who were...

Look Away, Dixie Land

When you talk about the "heritage" of the Confederate flag, make sure you include 1948 to present.

BREAKING: Leslie Rutledge’s DHS Emails Are Bad. Very Bad.

ARGOP Attorney General Candidate Leslie Rutledge sending out some racist humor at the expense of a poor family. Classy.

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Love

I write all of the following as legal counsel for Mr. Chad Watkins. None of the information in this post is privileged, of course....

A BHR Classic Returns: Worst Letters To The Democrat-Gazette

By: Bobby R. Harwell (Conway) Date: Saturday, September 7, 2013 "A man is known by the company he keeps,” says an old adage I’m compelled to...