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AR-Sec. State: A Pay Cut For Mark Martin?

While looking into the state car issue and trying to figure out the impact of the new Republican constitutional officers’ refusal of state cars,...

ARGOP: State Cars for Constitutional Officers?

I asked John Thurston, Mark Darr, and Mark Martin on Twitter whether any of them would accept a state-owned car in his new position....

#ARElections: AR-Lt. Gov. Projection Sends Me to Bed, Makes Me Curse Average Voter

And, as with AR-Sec. State, I just cannot see how the missing votes, mainly in Benton County, would not push Republican Mark Darr over...

#ARElections: AR-Lt. Gov., Sec. State Races Still Tight (1:00 a.m.)

Shane Broadway 333,535 (50%), Mark Darr 330,175 (50%), with 85% of precincts reporting. Pat O'Brien 332,063 (50%), Mark Martin 332,033 (50%), with 86% of precincts...

#ARElections: AR-Sec. State, Lt. Gov. Still Tight

Mark Martin 326,547 (50%), Pat O'Brien 324,435 (50%), with 82% of precincts reporting. Shane Broadway 328,279 (50%), Mark Darr 326,571 (50%), with 82% of...

#ARElections: Darr With Slim Lead in AR-Lt. Gov.

Per Stephanie Simoni (@stephaniesimoni): The Lt.Gov race is a cliff-hanger. 44% precincts, broadway 49 darr 51 #arvote #arelections