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In Which We Turn Satire Into A Learning Experience

When I wrote the previous post, I assumed it would be obvious satire, not unlike the satirical guest post about the state quarter from...

House Republicans Question Legality of Cinco de Mayo

LITTLE ROCK -- Several freshman GOP members of the Arkansas House of Representatives today voiced questions over the legality of referring to May 5th...

Mid-Day Miscellany

"Well, if it was a link-dump, I wouldn't ask questions; I'd just quote a price. But then, a link-dump is a non-lethal object, isn't...

HB 1205: “Do you know what ‘beat-down’ means?”

I never got around to doing a legislative preview of HB 1205, the Water Additive Accountability Act proposed by former hate group chairman Loy...

AR-Gov: Putting Beebe’s Win In Context

Sitting here, just over two weeks after the general election, I am still somewhat amazed by Governor Mike Beebe's performance at the polls.  Check...