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Good Thing Ignorant Bluster Isn’t A Crime, Stan (UPDATED)

Stop me if you've heard this one: Jason Rapert gets whiny, makes a legal assertion that is demonstrably false.

Adventures in Facepalm: Judicial Campaign Edition

Personally, I'm just waiting for a candidate who is guided by horoscopes and peyote.

Alex Reed’s Ongoing Violation of County Election Commission Laws

Leave it to a Secretary of State employee to get selected to a commission that he's ineligible to serve on.

An Open Letter Regarding Tort Reform In Arkansas

At its most basic, "tort reform" is nothing more than a direct assault on Arkansas Constitution and on the principles behind Bill of Rights. When you remove or limit the right of a citizen to have a trial by jury and have the community of his peers decide what his injuries are worth, you subvert Article 2, section 7, of the Arkansas Constitution and you imply that you think the Framers of the Constitution were off base when they included the Seventh Amendment.