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Sex, Lies, and Videotape Redux: Laurie Rushing is Absent, Dishonest, and Blatantly Obvious

Lying repeatedly to avoid service of process for a defamation lawsuit was working for Laurie Rushing...until she ran her mouth on Facebook. Now we can all try to figure out where the heck she actually lives.

Rushing Continues To Think She’s Above The Law After Forfeit Win Over Sovereign Immunity

Rushing made it clear even before this game that she was willing to do and say whatever she thought it would take to carry her to victory, even if those statements were lies or even outright slander.

Ernie Hinz to Challenge Laurie Rushing for Republican Nod in District 26

Laurie Rushing has a challenger in the Republican primary for House District 26. Let's meet him.
Arrrrrrrrrrr! I've decided to give you a pearl necklace lassie! ARRRRRRRRRR

Sex, Lies, and Videotape: An Update on Laurie Rushing and Ken Henderson

Requests for Admission have been answered by both sides in the Henderson divorce. Ken Henderson and Laurie Rushing do not come out looking all that great, as you might imagine.

Jake Files’ Proposed Legislation to Punish False Claims, Because Of Course He Did


Jake Files sponsored legislation to punish "false claims" against the state or local government. In 2017. No, seriously.

Ken Henderson is Even Worse than You Might Think


You know what's worse than cheating on your wife with a fellow legislator? Doing it while your wife is battling a severe illness.