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Anatomy of Corruption, Pt. 1: The Lies They Tell

Part 1 of a multi-part look at corruption in Fort Smith, Arkansas, starting with how and why a Fort Smith Police Captain knowingly and repeatedly lied under oath.

Year In Review: Postscripts to Five BHR Stories from 2014

A look at the "then what?" of five BHR stories from 2014.

Good News, Pedophiles: FSPD Reserve Officer Can Help You Beat Child Porn Charges!

Sometimes, when you're one of the highest paid FSPD employees, you've just gotta use city time and equipment to make a little extra cash. Even if it involves kiddie porn.

FSPD Street Crimes: Pants & Discretion Optional

Just how common is police nudity and sexual contact in FSPD prostitution arrests? Way more common than it used to be.

Reader Request Monday: FSPD Edition

Sgt. Grubbs asked me to do a follow-up post regarding the naked prostitution arrest. So I did.

News & Notes From Fort Smith

What's going on in Fort Smith on the taxpayer dime? Middling legal work and cop sex, mainly.