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Judicial Review: Fifty-Nine Sitting Judges With Problematic Suspensions

There are a whole lot of sitting judges in Arkansas who have past suspensions that either are or should have been problematic. The fall out grows.

Cole-lateral Damage: Judge Tim Fox & Judge Rhonda Wood Ineligible?

This issue is not going away. How the same ruling that got rid of Judge Fox's opponent might also disqualify Judge Fox and Judge Rhonda Wood.

Augustine Goes “Quack” (What Does The Fox Say?)

Seeing Martha Adcock and A.J. Kelly preen like they'd shown some amount of legal acumen and had personally accomplished something on Tuesday, you would assume that Judge Tim Fox's ruling, dismissing my AFOIA suit with prejudice, rested on some serious legal analysis. You sure wouldn't guess that, instead, Augustine had stammered through all of five words and had been the lucky recipient of an unsupportable and tremendously flawed ruling.