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Little Rock Police Department is Just Begging for More AFOIA Suits

Having solved all problems within their department, the LRPD now turns to a pressing matter: violating the AFOIA with a new AFOIA policy.

Ignorance or Arrogance: Why are Dexter Suggs, LRSD Violating the FOIA?

Why would the LRSD refuse to comply with a proper FOIA request? None of the possible answers is comforting.

Freedom at $140 Per Hour: How Daily & Woods Fleeces Taxpayers Through AFOIA

How Daily & Woods' role AFOIA compliance costs Fort Smith taxpayers hundreds of dollars that Arkansans in other cities don't have to pay.

Not So Puzzling: A Predictable, Ongoing Failure to Follow the AFOIA

Let's play a game. It works like this: I'll share part of an email that I received earlier today from a reader named Brian, but...