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The Curious Case of Bob Ballinger’s Side Hustle [UPDATED]

Bob Ballinger's claims about doing a closing for Ecclesia College raise more questions than they answer. Let's follow the paper trail.

AR-Sec. State: The Truth v. Mark Martin

I. Background Mark Martin was first elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives to represent District 87 in 2004, and he took his seat on...

AR-Sec. State: A lie has speed, but truth has endurance

Two days ago, when writing about Representative Mark Martin's assertion that he had his district office (for which he is reimbursed by the state)...

AR-Sec. State: Tangled Up In Blue Hog Report

Alt-title: Oh, what a tangled world-wide web we weave... Last night, when I scheduled today's 9 a.m. post about Rep. Mark Martin's apparent abuse of...

AR-02: New Motto For The Dem-Gaz Opinion Page — “Like Fox News, Only With...

I finally got around to reading the pro-Timmy! Griffin op-ed that appeared in the "Democrat"-Gazette a few days ago.  Even by that paper's standards,...