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The Struggle is Real: Leslie Rutledge Misses On Another FOIA Opinion

Leslie Rutledge ignores proper statutory construction, errs in another FOIA-related AG opinion.

Leslie Rutledge’s “Distrust” of DHS File (Or, Perhaps More Accurately, “If Ignorance Is Bliss,...

On more than one occasion, including during the AETN Attorney General debate, Republican candidate Leslie Rutledge has stated that the reason she has refused...

Thoughts & Observations About Campbell v. Martin

As Secretary of State Mark Martin continues to waste tax dollars by appealing yesterday's disqualification of his hired attorneys, rather than simply letting his...

A Funny Thing About Mark Martin’s Hiring Of Outside Counsel….

There are any number of reasons that a person might find himself in a lawsuit against the Arkansas Secretary of State. Maybe he wants to...

Freedom (of Information) Isn’t Free: How Mark Martin’s Office Is Willingly Violating the FOIA

A funny thing happened when I asked Alex Reed for electronic copies of certain documents. And, by "funny," I mean "predictably unethical."

Alice In Blunderland

There was a lot of stuff to unpack in Thursday's D-G article about the Secretary of State's use of state cars. The biggest...