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Want to Create a “Good Jobs Magnet”? Implement Liberal Policies.

If Charlie Collins wants to build a "Good Jobs Magnet" in this state, he would do well to push for the kinds of things you find in -- wait for it -- more liberal cities.

Charlie & The Bullshit Factory

Rep. Charlie Collins keeps claiming that he's turned Arkansas into a "Good Jobs Magnet." He's wrong, as even his supposed "proof" demonstrates.

Jerry Cox Ignores Lack of Qualifications and Assumes Anti-Religious Bias by Governor’s School

Was it Jerry Cox's religious views or his utter lack of qualifications that kept him from being hired? Hint: It's the qualification thing.

The Christian Right Has Ceded All Moral High Ground


A look at how the "Christian" Right has completely abandoned anything resembling Christianity.

More On Dexter Suggs’ Academic Dishonesty

Dexter Suggs's dissertation is not exactly what you would call "academically honest." Not even close. Good thing he's not in charge of any public schools. Oh...wait.

Is Ed Garner’s (R-Billionaire Lapdog) Political Career Baked?*

Pobre, pobre Ed Garner.  He tried so hard, yes he did.  But, evidently, he just couldn't cry enough tears for the rich to get...