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In Which We Turn Satire Into A Learning Experience

When I wrote the previous post, I assumed it would be obvious satire, not unlike the satirical guest post about the state quarter from...

House Republicans Question Legality of Cinco de Mayo

LITTLE ROCK -- Several freshman GOP members of the Arkansas House of Representatives today voiced questions over the legality of referring to May 5th...

Movable Object Meets A Stoppable Force

Last night in Faulkner County, Deputy Secretary of State Alice Stewart spoke to a local Tea Party group about the just-completed legislative session and...

The Audacity of “Nope”

Yesterday afternoon, House Republicans prevented the passage of House Bill 1193, the appropriations bill for the Arkansas School for the Deaf, because the bill...

Guest Post: Legislature Coins A Quarter Controversy

The Arkansas legislature coined a new controversy on Wednesday as a bill was filed to make a change to the state quarter. HB 00.25 by...

Two Quick Thoughts On The HCR Ruling

By now, assuming you do not live under a rock and are not in a coma of some sort, you've likely heard that a...