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AR-01: More Fun With FEC Faux Pas!

Look at this picture from AR-01 Republican candidate Rick Crawford's Facebook page: Now check out these four photos taken around the first congressional district: Now, take...

AR-Land Comm: Thurston Plays The Race Card … Sorta

Show of hands: how many of you expected these two ads in a race for Arkansas Land Commissioner? Thurston -- A "White Boy" who "understands...

AR-02: Blue Arkansas Rejects Your Reality And Substitutes Their Own

It must be nice to live in Blue Arkansas. From what I can see through the blinding glare of reality, it's a fanciful...

AR-Sen: Halter’s Final Ad

My apologies. We got so embroiled in the Land Commissioner email story that I forgot to post Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln's final...

AR-Sen, et al.: Final Arkansas Election Line ratings

Via Talk Business, here are the final Arkansas Election Line ratings: For the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and statewide constitutional offices, here are our final...