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Jason Rapert Wants to Say “White Power”

Sen. Jason Rapert doesn't understand why he can't say "white power" if Black people can say "black power." Poor little racist baby.

Rapert Attacks Twitter User After Blocking Him, So Let’s Contact Rapert to Discuss

All the best ways to get in touch with Jason Rapert and discuss his Twitter posts.

When All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Constitutional Nail

Pro-tip: When explaining why a bill is constitutional, make sure your entire premise isn't incorrect.

Too Clever By Half: The Fatal Flaw That Will Doom Bart Hester’s Pro-Discrimination Bill...

Bart Hester is trying to be clever in his attempt to let people discriminate against gays. Here is why it will not work.

Who Have You Wronged, Mr. Maggio? Hog Nation Turns Its Angry Eyes To You....

Circuit Judge Mike Maggio is running for Arkansas Court of Appeals. Here's visual proof as to why no one should actually vote for him.