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Ethics Commission Opens Investigation into Asa Hutchinson

Now that the Ethics Commission is investigating a campaign-finance violations, can Gov. Asa Hutchinson simply amend his CC&E to avoid problems? (The answer should be "no.")

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Gov. Asa Hutchinson for Campaign-Finance Violation

Hutchinson took two too many maximum contributions from an individual donor. The Ethics Commission will get a chance to review it now.

The Rut Marches On, Rolls Over Hutchinson in Upset

In a game between two soulless special-interest GOP sellouts, it was Leslie Rutledge's willingness to sell out the biggest, the fastest, that prevailed over Asa Hutchinson.

Ethics Commission to hold Probable Cause Hearing on Gov. Hutchinson

The Arkansas Ethics Commission has scheduled a probable-cause hearing regarding the complaint against Gov. Asa Hutchinson campaigning on state time.

Prisons, Profit, and Politics: How Arkansas Politicians “Fixed” A System That Wasn’t Broken (Guest...

Crime rates have been decreasing in Arkansas. So why are Arkansas politicians pushing measures that will increase prison populations?

Munsoned: Matthew Glass & Problems With Facts

Matthew Glass took issue with the previous post about the hiring of Eric Munson. Spouting a bunch of provable lies, however, is hardly the best way to respond.