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Nelson: Kemp Called Hinkle For Money Shortly After Approving Guilty Plea

The Kemp campaign says judge had no role in fundraising. Sheffield Nelson says that's not true.

Impropriety, And The Appearance Thereof: A Follow-Up on Judge Dan Kemp

A follow-up on the previous post about Judge Dan Kemp, as seen through some rules of judicial conduct.

Trading Felonies for Campaign Cash: A Look at Dan Kemp’s Ethics

The story is that Judge Dan Kemp is without ethical flaw. The reality appears different.

Adventures in Facepalm: Judicial Campaign Edition

Personally, I'm just waiting for a candidate who is guided by horoscopes and peyote.

Nothing Else To Do? Or, “Why Is Rhonda Wood Moonlighting As An Adjunct Professor?”

Associate Justice Rhonda Wood is teaching part time at UALR in the fall. Does she not have enough to do as a Supreme Court Justice?

You Are Cordially Invited (To Save The Judiciary)

There's a rally against dark-money PACs tomorrow at the Capitol. Here are two reasons (out of many) why you should attend and speak out.