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Sex, Lies, and Videotape Redux: Laurie Rushing is Absent, Dishonest, and Blatantly Obvious

Lying repeatedly to avoid service of process for a defamation lawsuit was working for Laurie Rushing...until she ran her mouth on Facebook. Now we can all try to figure out where the heck she actually lives.

Want to Create a “Good Jobs Magnet”? Implement Liberal Policies.

If Charlie Collins wants to build a "Good Jobs Magnet" in this state, he would do well to push for the kinds of things you find in -- wait for it -- more liberal cities.

Charlie & The Bullshit Factory

Rep. Charlie Collins keeps claiming that he's turned Arkansas into a "Good Jobs Magnet." He's wrong, as even his supposed "proof" demonstrates.

Hester and Dotson Perfect “Pandering Circlejerk Disguised as Legislation” Maneuver

The Arkansas Legislature decided that no business that boycotts Israel can contract with Arkansas. Thank goodness THAT crisis was averted.

Lying Liars: How Micah Neal & The Washington Co. GOP Lied to Voters

Now that we know he's a felon, it is less surprising that Micah Neal lied to get Joseph Wood on the ballot.

Profiles in Cowardice: ARGOP Inherits Three New Jellyfish

Three Arkansas representatives waited until after the election to switch parties. Because that's what cowards do.