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A Highly Ironic Email, Courtesy of Mark Martin’s Office

The Secretary of State's Office accidentally released an email that shows an employee engaging in political activity from his state computer on state time. I know! The irony is fantastic! But the whole thing gets even better when you dig a little, as these things often do.

Timex Social Club

Some rampant speculation and rumormongering for a post-holiday Friday afternoon. Who is (and might be) running for certain offices in 2014?

The FEC-kless Doug Matayo

So, the Secretary of State's Office's official explanation for the car stuff is, basically, that there are rules in place, and everyone, including Mark...

Alice In Blunderland

There was a lot of stuff to unpack in Thursday's D-G article about the Secretary of State's use of state cars. The biggest...

Making a Mountain Out of a Non-Existent Molehill

Maybe I shouldn't at this point, but I continue to find it absolutely hilarious how many Republicans on Twitter will lose their collective mind...

“The United States has a system of taxation by confession.” –Hugo Black

In this post, I wrote that there were three explanations for the apparent discrepancies between what Alice Stewart told me about state-car logs and...