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Swindlers’ Taxonomy: Mark Martin is Twice the Homesteader You Are

Could the Arkansas Secretary of State really have taken double homestead tax credits for the last 6+ years? Yup. Mark Martin loves him some "free" money.

Kelly’s Zeroes: Staying Busy At Taxpayer Expense

Prior to Mark Martin's (regrettably) taking office in 2011, Augustine John Kelly--known to most as AJ--worked in part as the city attorney for Fairfield...

Not So Puzzling: A Predictable, Ongoing Failure to Follow the AFOIA

Let's play a game. It works like this: I'll share part of an email that I received earlier today from a reader named Brian, but...

Marky’s On A Vacation Far Away . . . .

Let's do a little quick recap of some laws. Per the Arkansas Constitution, Article 6, section 21, one of the duties of the Secretary of...