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Econ 101: Incorrect Statements In Video Form, by Ed Garner

Rep. Ed Garner's HB 1002, his effort to remove Arkansas's already preferential capital gains rate, is due to be discussed in the House Revenue...

AR-House 46: Professor Meeks Opines On The Law

You knew it was coming: opponents of the healthcare reform bill here in Arkansas are agog in the wake of Judge Henry Hudson's ruling...

AR-House Dist. 41: Garnering Dissent, Pt. 2 of 2

When it comes to Representative Ed Garner's proposal to remove the capital gains tax, the numbers are what they are, and we've covered them...

AR-House Dist. 41: Garnering Dissent, Pt. 1 of 2

While I have written at some length about the flaws inherent in a proposal to remove Arkansas's capital gains tax, that post was...

AR-Gov: Putting Beebe’s Win In Context

Sitting here, just over two weeks after the general election, I am still somewhat amazed by Governor Mike Beebe's performance at the polls.  Check...

AR-House Dist. 41: Total Coincidence, I’m Sure

Yesterday, Max did a post about Rep. Ed Garner's introduction of his capital-gains bill, and, in the post, he linked to an allbusiness.com reprint...