Tuesday, July 23, 2019

S1:E3 Debris! Debris!! Debris!!!

Even if you take John Thurston at his word about the purpose of the boat, it's still a pointless and unnecessary waste of money.

S1:E2 Gilligan Goes Shopping

When you have a swanky new boat, you need new gear worthy of that watercraft. Plus a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and plenty of flashlights. John Thurston loves him some flashlights.

Commissioner’s Island S1:E1

Why has Land Commissioner John Thurston spent over $30,000 on a fishing boat? For untrained staffers to fish for debris, maybe? That seems legit. (Narrator's voice: It doesn't, in fact, seem legit.)

An Open Letter to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The Boston Globe has called on all newspapers to take a stand against the President's attacks on the media. Why isn't the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette taking part?

Ecclesia Uses the Term “College” Pretty Loosely

An abysmally low graduation rate and ACT scores should have tipped off legislators that Ecclesia was a weird place to send GIF funds.

Render Unto Caesar? Not In Benton County, Says Ecclesia College

Ecclesia College is many things. What they are not is honest about tax exemptions.