Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Mayflower Police Planning AFOIA Violations According to New Policy

Mayflower Police have a new AFOIA policy. It's basically four AFOIA violations waiting to happen.

Carolina In My Mind: A Closer Look at Trent Garner’s Mugging Story

We located where Trent Garner's mugging story took place, and the records sure don't seem to match his version.

Domestic Abuser Jack Ladyman Votes Against Bill to Protect Victims of Domestic Abuse

Rep. Jack Ladyman, who is a domestic abuser, voted against a bill that would have given victims of domestic abuse more protection. That's where we are in 2019 politics, apparently.

Secretary-Elect John Thurston Violates State Law In Record Time

John Thurston managed to violate state employment law before he ever even took office in his new position. Impressive.

Ethics Commission Opens Investigation into Asa Hutchinson

Now that the Ethics Commission is investigating a campaign-finance violations, can Gov. Asa Hutchinson simply amend his CC&E to avoid problems? (The answer should be "no.")

Trent Garner is a Very Brave, Nice Guy, and I Like Him*

Trent Garner got his feewings hurt by being called a few names on Twitter, so he complained. Apparently, Twitter thinks he has a disability or disease? Other than rampant Republicanism, I mean.