Sunday, March 24, 2019

S1:E2 Gilligan Goes Shopping

When you have a swanky new boat, you need new gear worthy of that watercraft. Plus a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and plenty of flashlights. John Thurston loves him some flashlights.

Commissioner’s Island S1:E1

Why has Land Commissioner John Thurston spent over $30,000 on a fishing boat? For untrained staffers to fish for debris, maybe? That seems legit. (Narrator's voice: It doesn't, in fact, seem legit.)

An Open Letter to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The Boston Globe has called on all newspapers to take a stand against the President's attacks on the media. Why isn't the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette taking part?

Ecclesia Uses the Term “College” Pretty Loosely

An abysmally low graduation rate and ACT scores should have tipped off legislators that Ecclesia was a weird place to send GIF funds.

Render Unto Caesar? Not In Benton County, Says Ecclesia College

Ecclesia College is many things. What they are not is honest about tax exemptions.

Let’s Be Blunt: Bob Ballinger’s Suspicious Ties to Medical Marijuana Licensing [UPDATED]

If you're trying to get into the marijuana business in Arkansas, Bob Ballinger and Travis Story have a deal for you!