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Rushing Continues To Think She’s Above The Law After Forfeit Win Over Sovereign Immunity

Rushing made it clear even before this game that she was willing to do and say whatever she thought it would take to carry her to victory, even if those statements were lies or even outright slander.

Rapert Ousts Huckabee From Tournament in Holy War

Matched up against Mike Huckabee (R-Florida), Rapert quickly exposed Huckabee's game for the outdated, uninteresting, cringe-worthy pile of garbage that is has been for the last decade or more.

The Rut Marches On, Rolls Over Hutchinson in Upset

In a game between two soulless special-interest GOP sellouts, it was Leslie Rutledge's willingness to sell out the biggest, the fastest, that prevailed over Asa Hutchinson.

Sorvillo Feels His Way Past Stodola in Sweet 16 Win

Jim Sorvillo upsets Mark Stodola and, because this game was yet again refereed by Arkansas House leadership, Sorvillo's blatantly improper use of the hands was allowed to continue with no fouls called

Collins Sneaks Past Davis, Stumbles Into Elite Eight Despite Himself

Every time it looked like JaNan Davis was about to put him away, Charlie Collins would make a push like he was advancing a gun bill that literally no one but him and his idiot cronies supported.

Clark Gunned Down By AR-15 In Sweet 16 Matchup

In an outcome that was no surprise to anyone who has watched him pander to the gun lobby for years, Clark did not even mount a defense to the AR-15, as the Sweet 16 got its third straight blowout win.