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Campaign 2010: Milquetoast Is The New Black

Nate Silver has an interesting post on the extent that Republicans and Democrats are mentioning healthcare reform on their campaign websites and the tone...

MS-Gov: Spelign iz harrd

Ah, Mississippi, where would we be without you as a punchline?  Thank you for just being you.

AR-Gov: Keet’s 2008 Florida Ballot Legit

Since last week’s statement that he moved back to Arkansas "in July or August 2008," there has been some rumbling that, assuming he is...

Immigration: Judge Correctly Blocks Some Parts Of AZ Immigration Law

Well this is sure to draw scads of hyperbolic, ignorant, and/or legally inaccurate rants from conservative television and radio (and probably from Mike Ross,...

SC-Sen: Alvin Greene, Payday Candy Bars, and Squirrel Turds

What are things that are incredibly nutty? Alvin Greene knows exactly how to create jobs in this struggling economy. “Make toys of me,” he says. In...

RWC: MO GOP Candidate Offers Stupidity In Jesus’ Name

It's nice to see the state where I spent my formative years offering up some right-wing stupidity.  Ed Martin, a Republican candidate for Congress...