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AR-02 In The Blogs: Final Debate

Via The Arkansas Blog, we have some more details on the final pre-primary debate between AR-02 Democratic candidates. Mark your calendar: The Arkansas Times will...

AR-Sen [Follow-Up]: President Obama’s Pro-Lincoln Ad

(h/t Blake's Think Tank)  Here is the copy of the aforementioned radio ad that President Obama cut in support of Senator Lincoln. This is President...

AR-Sen [Follow-up]: Lincoln To Keep Goldman Donations

In a timely follow-up to my last post, Firedoglake reports that Blanche Lincoln will not return the donations her campaign received from Goldman Sachs...

AR-Sen: Does Financial Reform Resonate With Voters?

An article at The Huffington Post -- HuffPo, as the kids say -- discusses the building momentum against Wall Street.  Using very broad strokes,...

AR-Sen: Lincoln Doing The Cupid Shuffle?

As in, "to the left, to the left, to the left, to the left...." Based on yesterday's about-face regarding financial reform, it appears so. According to...