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AR-Sen: Philander Smith as Prop?

That's the charge by Bill Halter, anyway. On the eve of former President Bill Clinton's planned return to Arkansas to boost Sen. Blanche Lincoln's...

AR-01: Endorsing Causey is the latest fad

All the cool kids are doing it.1 State Representative David Cook, State Senator Steve Bryles Endorse Chad Causey Former Opponents Say Causey Is Best...

AR-02: Boling Endorses Elliott

When I caught wind that David Boling would be endorsing Joyce Elliott on the Capitol steps today at 3:30, I realized that I would...

AR-Sen: Ex-Prez To Campaign With Soon-To-Be-Ex-Senator

Former President Bill Clinton will apparently be in Arkansas on May 28 to campaign on behalf of Sen. Lincoln during her "Countdown To Victory"...

Thoughts From Last Night

Three watch parties, about 100 shaken hands, one photo with Lt. Gov. Halter, and some 12:30am chocolate chip cookies later, here we are.  If...

AR-Sen, et al.: Final Arkansas Election Line ratings

Via Talk Business, here are the final Arkansas Election Line ratings: For the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and statewide constitutional offices, here are our final...