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Timex Social Club

Some rampant speculation and rumormongering for a post-holiday Friday afternoon. Who is (and might be) running for certain offices in 2014?

#ARElections: Constitutional Offices (Treasurer and Auditor called)

Arkansas Business updates the down-ballot state races: AR-Lt. Gov: Shane Broadway by 4 over Mark Darr (9% repoerting) AR-Sec. State: Pat O'Brien by 4 over Mark...

#ARElections: Constitutional Offices (8:30pm)

Governor has already been called for Mike Beebe.  Down-ballot, you have the following:  Shane Broadway leads Mark Darr by 18%, Dusting McDaniel leads by...

#ARElections: Live Updates

My plan is to begin updating statewide and AR federal races (as well as some state house/senate races as time allows) as soon as...

Green Party Picks Candidates

The Green Party of Arkansas had their nominating convention Saturday at Juanita's. Via Talk Business, we see that they have fielded candidates in...

In The Blogs: Tolbert Tackles Auto Issue

I was going to chime in a with few thoughts on the StateVehicleGate thing, but I see that Jason Tolbert absolutely nailed it. So...