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Did Sarah Amico Rig Her Woman-Owned Business Certification?

Sarah Riggs Amico, candidate for US Senate in Georgia, got her company, Jack Cooper, certified as a women-owned business. The ownership trail in public documents raises some questions.

The DPA Investigation Report Could Use Some Investigating Of Its Own

That "independent investigation" the DPA did into BHR's allegations? It has some glaring errors and omissions. Maybe that was always the point.

Jason Rapert: STILL Not A Constitutional Scholar (Again)

Jason Rapert seems to think he's going to get someone banished from Conway. That ain't happening.

Michael John Gray Has A History of Problems with Rules and Keeping Track of Other People’s Money

How are you going to not follow the rules when setting a meeting about allegations that you didn't follow the rules?

Cross County Sheriff David West Has No Use For The Law

Why did Sheriff David West think it was ok to accept contributions from businesses? Whatever the reason, he has basically admitted to multiple criminal acts.

Speaking of Preferential Treatment: Cross County Woman who Held Black Teens at Gunpoint lives in House owned by Cross County Sheriff (UPDATED)

Yesterday, the Arkansas Times carried a story about four black teens in Wynne (Cross County) who were held at gunpoint by Jerri Kelly, who found them "suspicious" and apparently did not take kindly to the children going door to door as part of a fundraiser. As noted in the...