Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Ethics Commission To Hold Probable Cause Hearing On Dennis Milligan

The Arkansas Ethics Commission found the safe-harbor provision of the ethics laws applicable to only a small handful of the allegations, and a hearing will be held on the remaining claims.

Roland’s Can of Worms

Alex Reed was ineligible to be on the Election Commission, so he resigned. Then the real questions started.

What A Tangled (World Wide) Web We Weave

Shortly after the previous story about Judge Maggio went up, someone started changing the content of some of the message-board posts. Oops.

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Max Avery responds to BHR's reporting, doubles down on the lies.

Aggravated Assault, Firearms, and Domestic Violence: More On Max Avery

I guess he was assuming that no one would have these records. Whoops.

Debtus Maximus: Fort Smith House Candidate Is Not What He Appears To Be

I would say his financial situation is smoke and mirrors, but the mirrors have likely be seized by the bank.

Looking Backward to See What Lies Ahead: Notes on the Past & Future of Blue Hog Report

A recap of the big BHR stories over the past decade or so, plus a big ask.

“What would you say ya do here?” Or, A Look At Trent Garner’s Various Time Sheets

Trent Garner's timesheets compound the problems created by his illegally taking a public-defender job.