Friday, June 5, 2020

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Jason Rapert: STILL Not A Constitutional Scholar (Again)

Jason Rapert seems to think he's going to get someone banished from Conway. That ain't happening.

Jason Rapert: STILL Not A Constitutional Scholar (But We Knew That Already)

Jason Rapert took time out of his proselytizing to explain why his crumbled monument was constitutional. He was wrong.

The Whore of Babblin’ On: Jason Rapert & Big Pharma Sittin’ in a Tree

Why is Jason Rapert fighting medical marijuana so hard? Money, of course.

Jason Rapert, The Pharisee of Perry County

A bible-based argument for why Sen. Jason Rapert is a Pharisee.

Jason Rapert is Angry…at Public Information, Apparently

Jason Rapert didn't like the previous post. Here's our discussion about it.

Jason Rapert: Still Not A Constitutional Scholar

Stanley Jason Rapert doesn't even know how the Supreme Court functions, but he knows he wants to change it. Seems legit.