Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Rushing Continues To Think She’s Above The Law After Forfeit Win Over Sovereign Immunity

State Rep. Laurie Rushing was riding high and came into this game super confident. Most people chalked that up to her aggressive spanking of Ken Henderson in the prior round.  In reality, however, it appeared from the tip-off that Rushing’s confidence ran deeper than a single win over an outmatched opponent.

Rather, Rushing made it clear even before this game that she was willing to do and say whatever she thought it would take to carry her to victory, even if those statements were lies or even outright slander. (She’s just uber-classy like that.) She asserted over and over again that she was pro-life, apparently implying that Sovereign Immunity was…not? Dunno. It’s sometimes hard to decipher the level of crazy that spews from her face. She also bizarrely said, over and over, that Sovereign Immunity had murdered someone that she cared about. Then she went off, accusing Sovereign Immunity and, like, 3 or 4 random bystanders (including her sister), of harassing her.

Ultimately, as the time for tip-off drew near, Sovereign Immunity and everyone in the gym who was paying attention were convinced–with good reason–that Rushing was nuttier than squirrel turds and that watching her compete in this game was pointless at best and dangerous at worst. Sovereign Immunity refused to take the floor to start the game, telling the head referee, “Let her play the victim or whatever, since that’s all she ever wants to do. I’m out of here.” Rushing, accordingly, won by a 1-0 forfeit score.

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