Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Holcomb’s Offense Proves Lethal As Petty Falls

State Rep. Mike Holcomb came into this tournament as a bit of a dark horse, since the allegations of his sexual contact with a minor predate the recent movement to actually hold people accountable for such behavior. Nevertheless, that is the kind of backstory when, combined with Holcomb’s penchant for almost never being the primary sponsor on a bill, gives a guy an outside shot in a tournament like this. He’s probably not quite Loyola-Chicago, but he might be Loyola Marymount, if Bo Kimble had been a gropey pederast, is what I’m saying.

Thing is, you’re never going to stop a guy like Mike Holcomb in a round called “the Sweet 16.” He LIVES for that. Hell, he gets excited just thinking about that kind of stuff.1

So it was that poor, single-issue, never-met-a-convict-she-didn’t-want-to-execute-on-the-spot Rebecca Petty, found herself facing an uphill fight in the Over That Way region. Sadly for Petty, despite some strong help from the kind of brain-dead moron who took a prior matchup post about Petty to be a dig at Petty’s daughter, this was just not a battle she could win. Holcomb pulled ahead early in the game and never looked back, as Petty’s three-part-cocktail of an offense failed to sedate Holcomb’s advantages.

  1. He’s really gross.

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  1. He’s really gross.