Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sorvillo Shows Neal How It’s Done

In a rare 12/13 matchup, we have State Rep. Jim Sorvillo against former State Rep. Micah Neal. Due to the presence of Federal agents at this game keeping an eye on Neal in general, Sorvillo’s general hands-on offense was kept in check. (Oh, he still got some grabs and pinches in, of course. He was just subtle about it.)

Nevertheless, Sorvillo had a backup plan. Drawing on his experience with cheating Social Security Disability, Sorvillo simply out hustled Neal in other ways. By the second half, Sorvillo started trash talking Neal, saying things like “some of us know how to steal from the government without getting caught!” Sorvillo will face the Meeks-Stodola winner in the next round.

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