Thursday, May 19, 2022

Morgan Blasts Milligan In Big Win

The main thing you need to know about State Treasurer Dennis Milligan is that he is lazy beyond belief. He likes holding elected office because then he doesn’t actually have to do any work and can just feel smug about having a title and some semblance of power. Jan Morgan, however, is not the type to cower just because someone has an elected title. She is going to make you fight for it.

The second thing you need to know about Dennis Milligan is that he is an abject coward who talks tough right up until someone calls him on it, then hides behind a conference table or has an employee fake a heart attack to try to get him out of trouble.

So it was that Morgan had a second-round opponent that could not have presented less of a challenge if he’d tried. He blustered about how easy the game would be before tip off, then, when Morgan opened the first half shooting threes like they were racist caricatures on paper targets, Milligan simply turned tail and hid. By the end of the game, Milligan was nowhere to be seen on the court, and Morgan moved on to the third round.

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