Thursday, May 19, 2022

Huckabee Squeaks Past Story In Sloppy Win

After what was essentially a first-round bye for Huckabee, questions still lingered about whether his game was suited for a modern tournament or whether time had passed him by. Luckily for Huck, his second-round matchup was with lawyer and Ballinger-wannabe Travis Story.

To call this game “ugly” would be like calling Huckabee “unfunny;” it’s true, but it’s also a gross understatement. From the start, Story’s ham-fisted attempts to emulate the play of Bob Ballinger and Jason Rapert, while also trying to fix the game so that his clients could bet on it, caused him worlds of problems. Huckabee, however, struggled to find a groove, constantly tripping over himself just when it looked like Story had provided him with an opening to shut up and just finish the game. It wasn’t until the final moments, when Story got into foul trouble and Huckabee hit a couple free throws, that the game was finally put away.

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