Thursday, May 19, 2022

Holcomb All Over Hinz In Second-Round Win

Fresh off his victory over Breanne Davis, Mike Holcomb turned his attention to political newcomer Ernie Hinz to open the second round of BHR’s Tournament of Fools.

It appeared that Hinz could keep the Cinderella story alive, as he jumped out to an early lead against Holcomb on the strength of his lederhosen-based uniforms and copious amounts of beer given to the officials. Unfortunately for Hinz, Holcomb got confused and thought that the “13” beside Hinz’s name in the bracket was Hinz’s age. That’s when Holcomb (again) channeled his inner Roy Moore and was soon all over Hinz. Holcomb moves on to the Sweet 16 — a round that he has described as “like, really hot” — where he will face the winner of Grant Hodges and Rebecca Petty’s matchup.

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