Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Davis Upsets Reed To Advance to Sweet 16

JaNan Arnold Davis (who was incorrectly listed as JaNan Arnold when she subbed in for Mark Martin at the last minute) came into this matchup with former Marco Rubio Chief of Staff Clint Reed as a huge underdog.

Luckily for Davis, her plan to simply ignore the rules and play the game her own way went unchecked for yet another round. Observers had no explanation for it. “It’s like…everyone else is playing by the same rules, and she’s just ignoring them entirely, but nobody seems to care,” said one fan. “How can she do that?” asked another. “Aren’t there requirements about who has to do certain things when?”

Nevertheless, Davis’s willingness to flout the rules was enough to overcome Reed, who, despite being a Harding University Hall of Fame basketball player, appeared to rely on a game plan of simply trying to bully Davis into doing what he wanted “or else.”

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