Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Clark Continues Dominance, Bests Greenberg

If I were looking for a non-1 or 2 seed with a good shot to win this tournament, I think my money would be on 3-seed Alan Clark. He combines an impressive skillset of bluster, abject ignorance, special-interest whoredom, and general bubbleheadedness. That’s going to give any other player a run for his or her money, day in, day out.

Dan Greenberg, however, didn’t take Clark’s talent into consideration and came into this matchup way too confident in his own abilities. From the outset, it was clear that Greenberg was outmatched. He trailed by double digits at halftime and spent the entire second half trying in vain to explain to Clark that Greenberg was still winning, even though everyone in the building could see that he was only embarrassing himself. Clark moves on to take on the winner of the Ballinger/AR-15 tilt.

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