AR-04: Huckabee backs Rankin

Ex-governor Mike Huckabee is an endorsing machine these days.  The most recent endorsee is  Beth Anne Rankin.

That’s “Former Miss Arkansas Beth Anne Rankin” in some circles.

Or some of you might know her as “that one woman who sang ‘God Bless America’ at a Palin event.”

I just think of her as “that candidate who is going to lose handily to Mike Ross.”  It’s versatile label that can be applied to Rankin or her challenger, Glenn Gallas.…

AR-02: Poll Results Surprising, But Not For Reasons You Might Think

Talk Business polled 446 voters in the second congressional district, and the results were a little surprising, at least on the surface.

21% Joyce Elliott
16% Robbie Wills
11% Patrick Kennedy
7% David Boling
4% John Adams
41% Undecided

A few thoughts on these numbers:

First, while everyone knew Elliott was a strong candidate, I don’t think anyone planned on her pacing the field at this point. …

AR-Sen: Lincoln Continues To Make Bizarre Campaign Decisions

So, let me get this straight…

Blanche Lincoln was comfortably ahead by double digits about a month ago.  Rather than run ads promoting herself and acting like Bill Halter didn’t exist, she chose to go negative, and her poll numbers have take a predictable hit.  (Note to front-running candidates: negative only works if (a) it’s done creatively and (b) you are trailing, not leading.)

Then, despite being one of the most visible Senators who worked to strip the public option from HCR and who voted against the reconciliation bill, she chooses to try and spin her one “yes” vote for the original Senate bill into “standing with President Obama.”  Worse, she targets primarily African-American communities, almost as if she assumed that those voters would be swayed by a pro-Obama commercial rather than by the mountain of evidence to the contrary. …

AR-02: If Sarcasm Were Money, Kennedy Would Lead All Fundraisers

Blake Rutherford reports that John Adams raised $50,000 in the first quarter, but suggests (rightly, in my opinion) that the sum is probably good for only fourth place behind Robbie Wills, Joyce Elliott, and David Boling, in that order.

What about Patrick Kennedy, you ask?  It seems he has decided to supplant “Progress, Not Politics” with “Sarcasm, Not Substance.”

Patrick Kennedy, the youngest person in the race, was snarky when I asked him to comment about his fundraising.…

AR-02: Elliott Endorsed by LR Fire Fighters

Little Rock Firefighters Association today endorsed Joyce Elliott.

Joyce has been one of the real heroes in state legislature for working families, said [LRFA President Richard] Morehead.  As our Congresswoman, I know Joyce will be a tireless advocate for our fire fighters, first responders and all the workers of Arkansas.…

AR-02: More On Social Media In Campaigns

Yesterday, I mentioned the seeming lack of understanding by Arkansas candidates on how to implement a coherent social media strategy.  As luck would have it, Patrick Kennedy posted a Facebook note touching (somewhat) on this issue yesterday as well.

Sadly, even the guy who was featured in CNN regarding his usage of Foursquare and the like misses the forest for the trees (or whatever the online equivalent of that cliche is).…