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Same Sex Marriage Ruling Likely Tommorow From U.S. Supreme Court

According to Above the Law, that is.


As the article mentions, the date is apropos.  Those who dissent should contact the Arkansas Republican Party and demand Huckabee replace Trump for the Regan-Rockefeller dinner keynote address at 501-372-7301.

They would love to hear from you.




Leslie Rutledge Is A Victim (Of Her Own Lack Of Judgment)

Over the past couple of weeks, Republican candidate for Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has shown an alarming lack of judgment in how to handle bad press. Case in point, in response to the story about a racist email sent from her Department of Human Services email account in 2007 Rutledge could have minimized the damage by simply owning up to it and saying something like, “I realize that the email that I passed along could be viewed is inappropriate or possibly offensive, and it was not something that I should have sent from a state-owned email account, no matter what my intentions in sending it were.…