Author: bigfatdrunk

The De-Regulation Bamboozle

Chief WATB, Jamie Dimon

If you were to ask your basic, stereotypical CEO crybaby, such as Jamie Dimon, what the biggest threat to freedom is, they would undoubtedly answer “regulation.” Because, you know, there’s nothing worse than asking corporations play by the rules.  But the issue of de-regulation, currently a huge fad on Capitol Hill, runs far deeper than just a threat to Dimon’s delicate ego. …

The Wimpiest Generation

A striking example of the Wimpiest Generation.

In 1998, Tom Brokaw wrote the book The Greatest Generation, telling the story of those who grew up during The Great Depression, fought through WWII, and helped re-build the country in the process.  These were extraordinarily tough people, working first through the greatest financial crisis this country has faced then fought against the greatest threats to our Democracy in the country’s history.…

Is Ed Garner’s (R-Billionaire Lapdog) Political Career Baked?*

He haz a sad.

Pobre, pobre Ed Garner.  He tried so hard, yes he did.  But, evidently, he just couldn’t cry enough tears for the rich to get the abhorrent and downright unconstitutional HB 1002 passed.  You see, fair reader, the Arkansas Senate and Revenue Tax Committee voted down the bill, one which was a direct middle finger to all non-millionaires in the state. …