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Convicted Former Judge Mike Maggio Dismissed from Civil Suit due to Judicial Immunity

Mike Maggio may still be going to prison, but he won't be facing a civil suit for reducing the jury award against Michael Morton.

Mike Maggio’s Conscience Offers Great Return on Investment

The background on Mike Maggio's reduction of a $5.2M award for wrongful makes his message-board postings seem tasteful.

Mike Maggio Flips The Bird To Arkansas (Again).

Judge Mike Maggio makes a statement, confirms that he really is a terrible, clueless human being. But he still wants your vote, I guess?

Transparency Should Never Be Optional: An Open Rebuttal To Mike Lorenz

City Director Mike Lorenz tried to explain why he didn't support looking into Daily & Woods' billings. So let's look at some additional instances of overbilling and see if he notices.

AR Supreme Court Strips Maggio of his Docket

Judge Mike Maggio has been stripped of his docket and will not hear any further cases at this time. He will still get paid, however.

Who Have You Wronged, Mr. Maggio? Hog Nation Turns Its Angry Eyes To You....

Circuit Judge Mike Maggio is running for Arkansas Court of Appeals. Here's visual proof as to why no one should actually vote for him.