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Fisking Mark Darr

One of my New Year's resolutions was not to write about Lt. Gov. Mark Darr in 2014.  When I made that resolution, however, I...

No Way Around It: Mark Darr Is A Liar

If you are the type of person who follows such things -- or if you have even the most tangential social-media relationship with me...

Hard Work Never Killed Anyone, But Mark Darr Doesn’t Want To Risk It

Despite how Mark Darr "views" his elected office, it is not a part-time job. Unless you think part-time jobs in Arkansas pay $41k per year, have four full-time employees working under them, and receive nearly as much in operating and travel funds as full-time positions.

The Comedic Stylings Of Mark Darr

While it's hard to compete with the kind of comic genius that considers "blogger" a punchline, we do our best to provide the Lt. Gov. with some better material.

He Makes His Livin’ Off Other People’s Taxes: Mark Darr Takes The Money And...

If there's one thing I've noticed over the past four years, it's that reimbursements and access to money for gas seem to give Arkansas politicians an absurd amount...

Mark Darr is Down With OPP (Other People’s Pennies)

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that Lt. Gov./AR04 candidate Mark Darr's explanation for his seemingly profligate spending of campaign funds on personal...